Formal Dog Vest
Formal Dog Vest
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Formal Dog Vest

Regular price $300.00
Gun Belt Collars is now ready to make tailor fit formal vests for your dog. I've spoken to my accountant (happens to be my wife) and have settled on a price for these vests: $300 each plus accoutrements and shipping. This is based on the cost of materials, the time and specialized machines required.
The price includes the basic vest with no patches, buttons or other accoutrements because I must source these separately (I have a few bits on hand, but don’t rely on my stock). Ideally, you would give me the stuff from your old tunic to put on the vest, as was done in the pictures here. The material and accoutrements for the blue one are from my RCAF uniform, and the stuff for the green one is from my friend’s father’s uniform.
These vests would be like taking your dog to the tailor, so on site visits are the best way to ensure the right fit. However, if you can’t make it to Ottawa there are other ways to get pretty close. For example, if I can find the similar shape and size of dog to use as a proxy we can get pretty close; probably closer than my tunic ever fit anyway.
When you make a purchase you will be charged the basic amount, but you will be charged extra once we determine what additions I need to provide for your vest. If you provide all the additions there will be no additional charge. 

Due to the wide variation of vest sizes possible, shipping costs will calculated and charged once I know how big the vest will be. Please contact me if you have any questions. 

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