Dog Training Vest
Dog Training Vest
Dog Training Vest
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Dog Training Vest

Regular price $150.00

This is a training vest, not a fashion statement. It's designed to be functional. If you want something pretty there are lots of great options out there. 


  • 3D mesh front and back for maximum ventilation.
  • Oversized pockets front and back, designed to stay open to accommodate larger retrieve objects.
  • Adjustable front closure to accommodate wearing a sweater when it's colder.
  • Optional d-rings for your dangly bits.
  • Custom tailored to fit you. 
  • Optional magnets, but there'll be an additional charge because I don't like working with them.

Vests are custom tailored. Once you've placed you order, please contact me with your size information: Height, chest size, and belly size. The cut of the vest is straight, so there really is no difference for men or women. Again, this is not a fashion statement. 

As well, please contact me if you want a different pocket configuration. The standard configuration is as per the green coloured vest, but as an example the rear pocket can be made to accommodate a disk.

Finally, please contact with your colour preference for the pockets. Currently I have Military combat clothing digital pattern green and tan. I also have solid black, burgundy, pink, and blue. 

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